Prairieacres Poorboy Buddy
AKC Black & Cream German Shepherd Male
DOB - 02/19/04    Height 26"     Weight 95 lbs
Buddy is calm, confident, and loyal.  He loves us with all of his heart!  His puppies not only have the prettiest faces, they are easy to train.  His extreme kindness and gentle personality shows through in his puppies.  He is our # 1 guy!!!!!

Prairieacres Poorboy Skippy
AKC White German Shepherd Male
DOB - 04/20/04     Height 27 1/2 "    Weight 100 lbs
Skippy is a Majestic big boy, of Champion Show lines.  He is full of energy, athletic, and enjoys the kids.  Very obedient and willing to please.  We adore him very much!

Prairieacres Rambo
AKC Light Cream Sable German Shepherd Male
DOB - 06/30/06  Height 27 1/2"   Weight 98 lbs
Rambo has a nice pedigree with champion lines.  Still growing, he is sweetheart and loves his family.Given his name for his confident nature and fearlessness.  He is always calm and ready for new adventures.

Prairieacres Kavik Von Gaard
AKC White German Shepherd Male
DOB - 01/21/06  Height 28 1/2"  Weight 105 lbs
Kavik comes from Champion American Show lines.  He has excellent pigment and growing larger everyday.  We are looking forward to his pups. Kavik is the most cuddly, loving dog who tremendously enjoys the kids.  He can never get enough hugs!!!

Prairieacres Silver's Shadow
AKC Silver Sable German Shepherd Male
DOB - 09/23/07  Height 27"  Weight 88 lbs
Shadow was sired by our Skippy and out of our dam Silver.  He is super friendly and very athletic.  Shadow is already 27 inches tall and very lean right now, lots of filling out to do.  He has now sired his first litter of 8 with Odessa.  We are very excited.  He has great color and pigment.

Prairieacres Black Kaos
AKC Black German Shepherd male
DOB - 04/05/07  Height 25 inches  Weight 93 lbs
Kaos is from our breeding of Skippy and Kaila.  He is very athletic, intellegent and crazy about the kids.  Can't get enough attention.  We just adore him!!

Prairieacres Asaubae
AKC Black & Tan German Shepherd Male
DOB - 11/24/07  Height 26 inches   Weight 96 lbs
Asaubae is of our breeding , out of Skippy and Vinskia.  He is large boned and extremely devoted.  Calm, gentle giant, as sweet as can be.  Loves to be at your side!

Prairieacres Quigley Down Under 
AKC Black & Silver German Shepherd Male
DOB - 12/03/07  Height - 26"   Weight - 94 lbs
Quigley is out of Skippy and Destiny.  He is a big boy,  We think he is as special as he is handsome.  Quigley adores the kids, often goes where we go.  Full of energy and always up for new adventures.  Its hard to say he's not a favorite!

Prairieacres Poorboy Grizzly Bear'N
AKC Black and Tan Bi-Color Long Coat GS Male
DOB - 04/19/07     Height - 25 "     Weight - 90 lbs
Grizzly is our loveable bear, thickest hair ever, with lots of personality plus.  He's great with our family and very devoted. His pups are heavy boned, gorgeous and fast learners.  Grizzly is fabulous! 

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