Prairieacres Silver Von Gaard
AKC Siver Sable GS Female
Height - 26 " Weight - 93 lbs

Silver is my # 1 gal !!!  In tune with my every thought and emotion.  The most attentive, protective, and needing to please shepherd I own!

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Prairieacres Destiny
AKC Black & Tan GS female

Height - 25 "  Weight 96 lbs
Destiny is my son's pride and joy.  She goes everywhere with him, loves her rides.  She's confident and obedient, dear to his heart and his best friend! 

Prairieacres Jessica

APRI Cream Sable GS female

Height - 26 " Weight  - 90 lbs
Jessica is a great dog with a super kind heart, very willing to please.  Protective of her family and loves to play with the kids. Calm and sweet best describes her!

Prairieacres Odessa  

AKC Black & Tan GS female

Height - 23 " Weight - 70 lbs
Odessa is a great shepherd.  Super smart and great with other dogs, she's a peace keeper.  Like her mother, she is smart, confident and loyal.  Great with the kids and a gentle spirit.  We think sh'e just beautiful.

Prairieacres Diamond

AKC Black & Silver GS Female

Height - 25"  Weight - 90 lbs
Diamond has beauty, intelligence and ability.  She is a great mother and always wants us happy.  Alert at all times, obeys hand signals, etc..  never misses a beat.  Loves to run, fast like her mom, Silver.  Diamond also touches my heart as Silver does!


Lorrie's Kaila Leika

AKC Black GS female

Height - 26"  Weight - 90 lbs
Kaila loves to run, chase rabbits and eat.   She's very confident, obedient and respectful.  A wonderful mother who we adore. 

Poorboys Frostie of Prairieacres
AKC White GS female

Height - 25"  Weight - 78 lbs
Frostie is our super friendly, love everyone gal.  She can be a clown and then turn around and be this collected brilliant best canine friend. She's my husbands favorite!  She makes us smile.

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Prairieacres daisy

AKC Black and Tan GS Female

Height - 24"  Weight - 80 lbs
Daisy is a long coat female.  She is a great protector with an exciting personality.   Never to leave your side, responsive, and wanting to please.  A good mother and beautiful friend! 

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